Enforceable undertakings taken against tree lopping business (West Australian Tree Services)

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Consumer Protection and a Wanneroo tree lopping business have entered into further enforceable undertakings after continuing consumer complaints.

In May 2014, Ms Tracey Gordon and West Australian Tree Services entered into an enforceable undertaking under the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law. This previous undertaking required the business and its employees to provide consumers with an itemised written quotation which describes in detail the work agreed to be carried out, the cost for each of the items listed and a total cost, including any taxes or other charges. The business was also required to obtain written authorisation from the consumer to commence the work.

Ms Gordon has now entered into a further undertaking which requires the business to engage the services of a lawyer to conduct a compliance program for staff to ensure that all future contracts will comply with the terms of the original undertaking.

In addition to the undertaking the business has offered to use new quotation forms, which will assist them to comply with the terms of the first undertaking. The advertising flyers distributed to Perth metropolitan residents will also be reviewed to ensure that those flyers which refer to local Council garden waste collections are distributed in areas where these collection services are offered by local councils.

Consumer Protection has issued warnings and taken various legal actions in response to complaints about the business practices of West Australian Tree Services.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll has sought to have this business change its operating practices and the way in which it engages with customers.

“I want the terms of this new undertaking to finally see a change in the behaviour of this business and its employees,” Ms Driscoll said.

“Consumer Protection has had a long history with this business and we hope this latest agreement will see an end to the long list of complaints received over many years.

“With serious consequences of breaching the undertakings, I am looking to the business to adopt satisfactory practices that will prevent further complaints. I also hope that, should any disputes arise with customers in the future, they will be resolved in a professional manner.”

The enforceable undertaking can be viewed at: www.commerce.wa.gov.au/undertakings.

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