Fine for selling vehicles without a licence (Robert Thompson)

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An unlicensed car dealer was fined $3,000 and ordered to pay costs of $3,400 by the Joondalup Magistrates Court on 10 July 2015.

Robert Mark Thompson of Carramar had purchased 18 vehicles and sold 15 from October 2012 to April 2014 without having a licence as required by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act.

Mr Thompson was found guilty after Magistrate Gluestein rejected the defence argument that his activities were a hobby rather than a business involved in the buying and selling of motor vehicles.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll said the Department was determined to stamp out unlicensed dealing in WA.

“These backyard dealers represent a real danger to the community because their vehicles can be sub-standard and the usual warranty and other consumer protections are not available to the buyer involved in these transactions,” Ms Driscoll said.

“I urge consumers not to deal with unlicensed dealers and report their activities to Consumer Protection so action can be taken.”

Consumers can check whether a motor vehicle dealer is licensed by searching on the Consumer Protection website: Unlicensed motor vehicle dealing can be reported by emailing or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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13 Jul 2015

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