Fines for negligence at four Pilbara building sites

Building company Ribshire Pty Ltd (BC14107), trading as Goodline, and its director John Michael Kennedy (BP14106) have been ordered to pay fines totalling $10,000 for negligent conduct as a result of disciplinary action by the Building Services Board.

The Board found the company was negligent in carrying out building work at two sites in Wedgefield and one each in South Hedland and Port Hedland between 2008 and 2016 in that it:

  • failed to ensure that a valid demolition licence was in place prior to demolishing a workshop at one of the Wedgefield sites;
  • failed to ensure that a valid building permit was in place prior to commencing the construction of a shed at the second Wedgefield site; and
  • carried out building work, in the form of an accommodation building/motel at the South Hedland site and a shed at the Port Hedland site, without obtaining the relevant building permits.

The Board fined Ribshire $5,000 for its negligence. As the sole director and nominated supervisor who consented to the company’s actions, Mr Kennedy was taken to have also committed the offences of the company and fined $5,000.

The company’s conduct in relation to the two Wedgefield sites was brought to the Building Commission’s attention by the Town of Port Hedland in January 2015. The other two sites were identified as part of the Building Commission’s investigation.

“It is important that builders meet their responsibilities in respect to building and demolition permits for safety reasons – it is the person named as the builder on the permit who is responsible for ensuring that the building is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications and complies with the applicable standards,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“Anyone who intends to break the building laws is reminded that they face disciplinary or prosecution action by the Building Commissioner, which can result in significant penalties, including fines.

“The Building Commission will continue to hold to account and name those who put the public interest and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”


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15 Jun 2016

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