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EnergySafety has issued a reminder to do a safety check on the family barbecue before firing it up this summer.

Acting Director of Energy Safety Saj Khan said today caution was needed around all gas appliances.

“A barbecue is a great Australian tradition, but gas barbecues can be dangerous if not correctly maintained,” Mr Khan said. “Every year unsafe barbecues cause fires, injuries and damage to property, but simple checks can keep your barbecue working safely.

“We suggest checking for any gas leaks with a simple solution of household detergent and water.

“Spray the solution on all exposed joints and connections, and if bubbles appear there is a gas leak. The gas should be turned off immediately and the faulty component replaced or repaired by a licensed gas fitter.

“The hose should also be checked for any cracks, kinks or crushed or stretched areas that could lead to a dangerous gas leak.”

Ensure the barbecue has a label to show it is safety certified for use in Australia, and always check that the barbecue is free of grease and oil to help prevent fire.

It is important to look for the ten-year safety stamp that is on every gas cylinder. If the cylinder was tested more than ten years ago, replace it or have it re-tested.

“These simple steps will help keep you and your friends and family safe this summer,” Mr Khan said.

For further information on gas barbecue safety, visit EnergySafety’s website at  and search “gas barbecue safety”.

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15 Dec 2017

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