Free information session and morning tea for plumbers (Broome)

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The Building Commission is conducting a seminar for plumbers in Broome as part of its 2015 Regional Roadshow.

Location: The Mecure, Broome
Date and time: Thursday 7 May 2015, 9.00am–12.00pm
Cost: Free

Participants are welcome to join either or both of the sessions outlined below:

9.00–10.30am Plumbers technical information session

Presented by Mike Read, Senior Plumbing Technical Officer

This session will cover a number of technical areas that relate to proposed changes to the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000, which come into effect in May 2015. It will also promote Plumbers' Technical Notes recently published by the Building Commission.

10.30–11.00am Morning tea provided

11.00am–12.00pm Policy update and discussion

Presented by Alison Foskett, Senior Policy Officer

The Building Commission released a consultation paper in February 2015 seeking public comment on a proposal to introduce a restricted permit scheme to enable trained non-plumbers to carry out certain types of basic plumbing repair work in remote Aboriginal communities.

The purpose of this session is to provide further information about the proposal and discuss the options presented in the consultation paper.

Visit the Building Commission Events page for the link to register.

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20 Apr 2015

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