Fremantle builder cautioned after carrying out building work without a permit (Barry Douglas Windsor)

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The Building Services Board has officially cautioned Fremantle builder Barry Douglas Windsor (BP11375) because he failed to ensure that the correct permit was in place prior to carrying out building extension work at a Fremantle property.

This is the second time that Mr Windsor’s conduct has come to the notice of the Building Services Board.

In November 2016 the State Administrative Tribunal ordered that he pay a fine of $7,500 and costs of $500 for having engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct by taking out a policy of home indemnity insurance in his own name, in respect of building work for which his then employer Tonic Homes Pty Ltd was the builder.

The Fremantle property in question was owned by Mr Windsor’s wife and where he also lived along with the couple’s children, when the work was carried out in August 2016.

The extension work included the construction of a parapet wall and a carport which required a building approval certificate from the City of Fremantle.

The Building Services Board imposed the formal caution after findings by investigators were tabled at the 15 May 2018 meeting.

“In this case the builder has been lucky that the work he did carry out was compliant and so rectification or even demolition was not required.” Building Commissioner Ken Bowron said.

“However, that is no reason for any builder to be complacent about the licenses and permits required and this is a timely reminder to all that correct certification must be sought and in place before work is commenced.”

Consumers should check with their local government authorities in the first instance if they have concerns about work at neighbouring properties being compliant or licensed.

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06 Jun 2018

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