High-profile builder fined over faulty slab – Dale Alcock Homes Pty Ltd and Dale Andrew Alcock

Major WA builder Dale Alcock Homes Pty Ltd (BC7309) and its nominated supervisor Dale Andrew Alcock (BP7184) have been fined a total of $10,000 in relation to a defective concrete slab that ultimately led to a decision to demolish and reconstruct a Woodvale house.

The Building Services Board fined the company and Mr Alcock $5,000 each under WA’s building registration laws for failing to properly manage and supervise a building service.

Information presented to the Board revealed that a Dale Alcock Homes representative was not on site when the concrete slab was poured in January 2018 and this lack of supervision contributed to the faulty work.

At that time, the property owner raised concerns about the slab being uneven, but the company reassured her it was satisfactory. Months later, when the building project was completed, the home owner noticed widespread cracks in the slab.

A subsequent investigation by Building and Energy (formerly the Building Commission) concluded that the slab did not comply with approved plans and building standards, noting workmanship issues such as the use of watery concrete, inadequate slab thickness and incorrect mesh positioning.

The penalty imposed by the Board took into account an agreement reached between Dale Alcock Homes and the property owner for the builder to demolish and rebuild the house at no additional cost to the client.

Dale Alcock Homes has also stated that it is reviewing and strengthening its approaches to quality management and supervision.

“While I acknowledge the company’s efforts to resolve this matter, the lack of oversight at a crucial stage of construction had a domino effect and significantly impacted the home owner,” Building and Energy A/Executive Director Saj Abdoolakhan said.

“This case sends a clear message that builders must take their responsibilities seriously when it comes to properly managing and supervising their projects.”


Note: BC and BP numbers refer to registration as a building contractor or building practitioner. Registers of building service providers are available online at www.commerce.wa.gov.au/buildersearch.

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28 Aug 2019

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