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A WorkSafe proactive inspection program will look at the workplace safety responsibilities of commercial property owners and property managers.

This program will continue throughout the 2015/16 financial year, and will focus on the owners and property managers of shopping centres.

WorkSafe Director Joe Attard said today the program was prompted by a growing awareness by inspectors that commercial owners and property managers may not understand all their obligations.

“Over time, inspectors in the Services Industries area have noticed that commercial property owners and property managers were not always aware of their duties under the occupational safety and health legislation as persons in control of workplaces,” Mr Attard said.

“The legislation applies to owners and managers who have any control over access and egress to a workplace, or who have control over a workplace where persons who are not their employees are likely to be in the course of their work.

“They may have no involvement with the work activity being done at the premises, but if some control is retained over these premises, then a duty applies.

“Areas where control - and hence a duty - can apply include lighting, entrances and exits, footpaths, stairways, car parks, shared loading docks, common foyers and gardens and elevators and escalators.

“Control may also extend to areas such as asbestos management and the installation and maintenance of fall prevention anchorage points.

“As part of this program, inspectors will check safety on all these areas, plus matters such as contractor management, construction work safety, vehicle movement and traffic management, electricity, emergency safety, working at heights and machinery guarding.

“The program will continue across this financial year in both metropolitan and regional areas, and inspectors will work with the aid of a checklist to ensure consistency.

“As with all WorkSafe proactive inspection programs, raising awareness is the main objective but inspectors will take enforcement action if they find breaches of the laws.”

Further information on OSH for commercial property owners and property managers, including a newsletter on the subject, are available by telephoning WorkSafe on 1300 307877 or on the website at

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Media release
05 Nov 2015

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