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WorkSafe is conducting an inspection program to look at safety standards and issues in WA supermarkets and grocery stores.

The program will continue throughout the remainder of the financial year, and will be conducted in both metropolitan and regional areas of the State.

WorkSafe Director Joe Attard said today the sector was being targeted because of its high level of work-related injuries related to manual tasks.

“Statistics show that the three most common mechanisms of injury in supermarkets and grocery stores are muscular stress from lifting, carrying or putting down objects, falls from the same level and muscular stress while pushing, pulling, reaching and so on,” Mr Attard said.

“The five occupations with the highest number of injuries are store person, shelf filler, sales assistant, checkout operator and retail supervisor.

“During this inspection program, inspectors will focus on manual tasks, but will also look at safety issues in several other areas.”

Inspectors will look at general issues such as training, safety systems and procedures, general access and egress, forklifts and pallets, ladders, safety steps and trolleys.

They will also look at issues in locations more specific to the sector such as shelving and storage, checkout areas, loading docks, freezer and chiller rooms and areas such as the deli, bakery, butcher and fresh produce.

Inspectors will work with the aid of a checklist to ensure consistency.  Employers can access further information on the program on WorkSafe’s website so they will know what will be expected if they are visited by an inspector.

“The main purpose of these proactive inspection programs is to ensure that employers have the information they require to keep their workplaces safe, so we have an extensive schedule of programs concentrating on particular industries or activities aimed at raising awareness and providing information,” Mr Attard said.

“We firmly believe that raising awareness is the best way in which to lessen the risk of injury and illness, but inspectors will take enforcement action if they see breaches of the laws during their visits.”

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Media release
24 Feb 2016

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