Jurien Bay supermarket fined for employing 11-year-old girl

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MMG (WA) Pty Ltd, trading as the IGA supermarket in Jurien Bay, has been fined $2,250 in the Perth Industrial Magistrate’s Court for illegally employing an 11-year-old girl.

The charge related to the employment of the child as a shop assistant in five shifts of work that were performed on weekend days during August 2014.

Under the Children and Community Services Act 2004, it is illegal for businesses in the retail industry to employ children aged less than 13 years.

Retail industry employers may employ children aged between 13 and 15 years, but must not allow them to work before 6am or later than 10pm.

The employer also must obtain written permission from the child’s parent or guardian to employ them.

Acting Executive Director of the Labour Relations Division Joseph Lee said the prosecution should serve as a timely reminder to all employers of their obligations under these laws, particularly in the major school holiday period of the year.

“Of particular concern in this matter is the very young age of the child concerned,” Mr Lee said.

“I urge employers wishing to check their employment obligations, including those on employing children, to contact Wageline on 1300 655 266."

“The Wageline service is free and confidential, and generally in the space of a five minute call, employers are provided with sufficient information on their obligations to avoid the prospect of breaching the law and facing fines, as has occurred in this instance.”

The When can children work? page provides more information on children in employment laws. 

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15 Jan 2015

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