Landsdale builder failed to remedy work

Landsdale building company Goldbox Holdings Pty Ltd (BC11173), trading as Link Construction & Developments, has been fined $4,000 by the Building Services Board for failing to comply with two orders of the Building Commissioner.

The builder’s conduct related to dwellings it had built in Silver Sands and Balcatta.

A new owner purchased the six-year-old Silver Sands dwelling in April 2014 subject to repairs being carried out by Goldbox Holdings. It became apparent that the repairs had not been carried out when the dwelling was damaged due to rainfall two months later.

Water ingress was also among the issues identified by the Balcatta owners shortly after they purchased a newly-built dwelling from Goldbox Holdings in June 2014.

In both cases, Goldbox Holdings assured the owners it would rectify its work but it did not. Frustrated at the lack of progress, both owners lodged building services complaints with the Building Commission, which resulted in the builder being ordered to rectify its work. A total of 21 issues required rectification at the Silver Sands property and 17 at the Balcatta property.

Despite both owners agreeing to extend the due date of the building remedy orders, Goldbox Holdings failed to comply with the orders by their due dates or at all.

The Building Commission referred both matters to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT), which converted them into orders to pay the Silver Sands owners $36,569 for the rectification of 12 outstanding items, and the Balcatta owners a total of $55,000 for the rectification of 17 items.

“This case is a reminder to anyone who carries out building work that the Building Commission or State Administrative Tribunal can order them to remedy or pay money for incomplete or unsatisfactory work and will hold them to account if they do not comply with an order,” Building Commission Acting Executive Director Sandy Randall said.

“When issues such as water ingress are not dealt with they can lead to further and often serious damage to a building, and place a significant financial and emotional burden on a building’s owners.

“The Building Commission will continue to hold to account and name those who put the public interest and the integrity of the building industry at risk.”


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09 Jan 2018

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