Leschenault builder fined $5000 for negligence (Agostino Ietto)

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A Leschenault builder Agostino Ietto (BP10480) has been ordered to pay a fine of $5,000 to the Building Commissioner for negligence as a result of an East Bunbury house that was not constructed in accordance with the plans that were approved in 2015.

The Building Services Board imposed the fine against Agostino Ietto, the nominated supervisor for Ietto West Developments Pty Ltd, due to the completed house being faulty and unsatisfactory.

The building plans that were submitted to the City of Bunbury were approved on the condition that the habitable rooms should be constructed with a minimum finished floor level of 10.386 metres, as the property was situated on the Preston River Flood Plain and therefore susceptible to flooding.

Surveying evidence showed that the finished floor level of the house was constructed below the specified level, as detailed on the approved plans, resulting in flooding and drainage issues during rain events.

In December 2016, Ietto West Developments Pty Ltd surrendered its building contractor registration following the company’s voluntary liquidation and deregistration by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

“While the company is no longer trading, it is in the public interest to take action and impose the fine against the nominated supervisor as a deterrent for other building industry members to maintain the integrity of the requirements of the building process,” Building Commissioner Ken Bowron said.

“We will continue to hold to account those who flaunt and ignore regulations and put the public interest as well as the reputation of the building industry at risk.”

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07 Jun 2018

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