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The Commissioner for Consumer Protection has written to 2,300 people in WA who have possibly purchased Samsung washing machines, now recalled, which may put their lives at risk.

It follows exhaustive efforts to maximise the response rate to the 2013 recall of the top loader washing machines which have caused about 200 house fires throughout Australia in recent years.

The machines were manufactured between 2010 and 2013 with model numbers: SW75V9WIP/XSA; SW65V9WIP/XSA; SW70SPWIP/XSA; SW80SPWIP/XSA; WA85GWGIP/XSA and WA85GWWIP/XSA. The affected units have an internal fault where condensation can penetrate an electrical connector causing deterioration which may in turn cause a fire. A total of 14,483 of these models were sold in WA.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said difficulty in tracking down the owners of machines bought up to seven years ago has resulted in a number of them possibly still in use in Australian homes.

“It is alarming that many of these potentially dangerous washing machines remain unaccounted for in WA more than four years after the initial recall,” Mr Hillyard said.

“This means there are possibly thousands of the defective machines still in people’s homes which pose a real fire risk, threatening the lives of the occupants as well as neighbours.

“After obtaining the names of customers from the manufacturer, we investigated their likely addresses and have sent warning letters to those people hoping to prompt them into taking action.

“I urge WA consumers to treat this issue with the highest priority. Check the serial number on your machine and, if it matches the recalled models, discontinue use and unplug it before contacting Samsung who will provide a refund.”

Customers with affected models should contact Samsung on 1800 239 655 between 8am and 8pm AEST on any day or email to verify if the machine is affected by the recall. Further information is available at

Consumers who have any problems securing a refund from their retailer should contact Consumer Protection by email or call 1300 30 40 54.


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13 Nov 2017

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