Nail salon proactive compliance audits underway

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During November 2018, Private Sector Labour Relations has been conducting an education campaign promoting compliance by nail salons operating in the state industrial relations system, to ensure employees were receiving their correct rates of pay and entitlements.

Over 250 businesses across Western Australia were provided with information on the minimum conditions required for employees in this industry.  Staff must be paid at least the minimum rate of pay relevant to their age for every hour worked in the business and it is unlawful for employers to pay employees less than the minimum rate of pay.

Following the education component of the campaign, selected businesses are now being audited by industrial inspectors from Private Sector Labour Relations to ensure that employees are receiving the correct rates of pay and entitlements and the business is keeping correct employment records.   

Visit the nail salons education campaign page on the Wageline website to get more information. You can also visit, contact Wageline via or 1300 655 266.

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27 Nov 2018

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