New codes of practice released

The Minister for Industrial Relations has approved a series of Work Health and Safety codes of practice which came into effect today.

These codes have been adapted for Western Australian work health and safety environments from the Model codes of practice published by Safe Work Australia, developed through consultation with unions and employer organisations.

Dr Patricia Todd, Chair of the Work Health and Safety Commission, noted that these codes increased the guidance available for ensuring safe workplaces and increasing consistency in safety regulation between the Western Australian and national regulatory environments.

“These codes of practice provide practical guidance on how to best implement aspects of the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations whether it be in relation to welding, safeguarding of machinery, preventing falls, first aid, construction work or one of the many other topics covered”.

“Development of the codes is an important part of the Commission’s work and we urge all people in workplaces to make use of them” Dr Todd said.

Approved codes of practice provide the standard to identify, assess and control hazards.

Further information

For further information go to the full list of approved codes of practice on our website. A list of the codes which have been revoked is available in the Government Gazette dated 15 July 2022.

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15 Jul 2022

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