Notice of company in liquidation (SRM Construction Pty Ltd, reg. BC12999)

On 16 August 2017 building company SRM Construction Pty Ltd (reg. BC12999) appointed Michael Joseph Ryan and Ian Charles Francis of FTI Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd as joint liquidators of the company.

The Building Commission is investigating claims that home owners may not have received a valid policy of home indemnity insurance from the builder in accordance with its obligations under the Home Building Contracts Act 1991. The company being in liquidation does not inhibit the Building Commission’s capacity to take action in the relevant courts and tribunals in the event the investigation substantiates the claims.

This matter highlights the importance of home owners being aware of the protections available to them and familiarising themselves with their rights and responsibilities before they enter into a home building work contract. Information for home owners is provided on the Building or renovating your home webpage. 

Home owners affected by SRM Construction’s liquidation should contact the liquidator via the contact details below.

FTI Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd (liquidator): Email, phone (08) 9321 8533 or visit

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22 Aug 2017

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