Over $400,000 in unpaid worker entitlements recovered in 2017/18

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Industrial Inspectors in the Private Sector Labour Relations Division assisted Western Australian workers recover a total of $458,290 in unpaid wages and entitlements in the last financial year.

This amount included nearly $300,000 in unpaid long service leave and $137,000 in wages and other entitlements under WA awards, such as annual leave and tool allowances.

The largest amount was $30,000 for a worker covered by the Motor Vehicle (Service Station, Sales Establishments, Rust Prevention and Paint Protection) Industry Award.

The amounts recovered show that many small business employers are not complying with employment obligations, particularly in relation to long service leave. The Wageline website provides resources for employers to assist with record keeping and calculating long service leave entitlements.

Employees who believe they have been unpaid under a WA Award, the state minimum conditions of employment, or who have not been paid a long service leave entitlement should visit the Wageline website or contact Wageline on 1300 655 366 for more information. 

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20 Aug 2018

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