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State system employees are entitled to unpaid parental leave under the National Employment Standards (NES) and also additional unpaid parental leave entitlements from the state Minimum Conditions of Employment Act.  For further information visit the Parental Leave page.

A common question Wageline receives from employers and employees is  - "Can an employee take parental leave at the same time as their partner?"

The answer to this is yes. An eligible employee is able to take up to 8 weeks of unpaid parental leave at the same time that their spouse or partner takes a period of unpaid parental leave. This is called concurrent leave. For further information on concurrent parental leave and other unpaid parental leave entitlements, visit the parental leave page

Employees may also be entitled to paid parental leave payments. For further information on paid parental leave please visit the Department of Human Services website.

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01 Nov 2016

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