Plumber was negligent and incompetent

Canning Vale licensed plumbing contractor Richard James Palmer (PL7708) has been cautioned by the Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB) for negligence and incompetence.

The Board’s caution relates to plumbing work carried out by a licensed plumbing tradesperson under Mr Palmer’s direction and control in June 2016, when Mr Palmer was a director of Plumbdog Plumbing and Gas Pty Ltd. The company entered into voluntary administration on 27 April 2017.

Having attended an Osborne Park property to fix a blocked drain in a newly-built, second-storey unit, the plumbing tradesperson mistook what was a gully for a dead-end drain. This resulted in the plumbing tradesperson carrying out work that caused the drain to leak into the unit below.

Neither Mr Palmer nor his employees returned to the property to fix the leaking drain. The rectification work was carried out by the original licensed plumbing contractor for the development.

Whether or not the drain had pre-existing damage, the Board was satisfied that the plumbing tradesperson’s work had caused the leak into the lower unit and  issued Mr Palmer with a caution.

“Had Mr Palmer provided the necessary general direction and control over the work of the plumbing tradesperson he should have cleared the blockage without causing the leak,” PLB Chairperson Howard Croxon said.

“The Plumbers Licensing Board, through the Building Commission, will continue to hold to account and name those who put the public interest and the integrity of the plumbing industry at risk.”


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