Public holiday arrangements for Easter 2016

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The Western Australian public holidays for the 2016 Easter period are:

  • Good Friday, Friday 24 March 2016
  • Easter Monday, Monday 28 March 2016

Award covered employees

Employers covered by a WA award should check the relevant award for details on public holiday entitlements and payment arrangements.

Some WA awards also provide for additional Easter Saturday rates of pay.  The most used of these are the Hairdressers Award, the Shop and Warehouse Award and the Clerks (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) Award which each require employers to pay employees time and a half for all time worked on Easter Saturday.

Visit the award summaries page if your award is one of Wageline’s top awards, view the relevant award in full at the WA Industrial Relations Commission website or contact Wageline for more information.

Award free employees

Award free full time and part time employees who would normally work on a public holiday, but do not work solely because the business is closed due to the public holiday, are entitled to be paid as if they were required to work that day. 

There are no minimum entitlements to additional rates of pay for working on a public holiday for award free employees. However, award free employees may have contracts of employment which specify other arrangements for payment and paid time off for public holidays.

Visit the Pay rates for public holidays page or contact Wageline for more information.


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03 Mar 2016

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