Question mark over builder’s status results in suspension

Building Commissioner Ken Bowron has suspended Choiceliving (WA) Pty Ltd’s (BC101237) building contractor registration due to concerns about the company’s financial status.

The Building Services Board required Mr Bowron to make an interim disciplinary order to suspend Choiceliving’s registration while the Board pursues further action against the company in the State Administrative Tribunal.

The interim disciplinary order prevents the company from engaging in any activity for which a contractor registration is required from 25 January 2018 until 23 February 2018. The company cannot continue with existing projects and must not undertake to carry out prescribed building services for new clients.

“The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s Building and Energy Division has been closely monitoring Choiceliving’s financial position and has requested information in that regard from the builder on several occasions,” Mr Bowron said.

“While some information has been provided to us by Choiceliving, the company has failed to allay our concerns about its ability to pay its debts as and when they fall due.

“Choiceliving claims to be in negotiations with a potential investor. If the investment comes to fruition and rectifies the company’s apparent financial deficiencies, the interim order can be revoked and the company will be able to resume activities under its contractor registration.

“The temporary suspension of Choiceliving’s building contractor registration will limit further risk to the public, suppliers and subcontractors while the company’s financial status is confirmed.”

The company is currently ineligible for home indemnity insurance due to a restriction placed on it by its insurer.

“People should not enter into new building work contracts with Choiceliving unless the suspension of its registration is lifted,” Mr Bowron said.

“People dealing with the company, including suppliers and subcontractors, should be cautious and only make payments or give credit when the company confirms its financial situation.”

Information for people in existing building contracts who are experiencing delays or are concerned about their builder’s financial situation is available at or phone 1300 489 099.

All registered building contractors are required to notify the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety if they cease to have a nominated supervisor, or are no longer able to meet their financial obligations under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. The Department has not received such a notification from Choiceliving.

The status of a builder’s registration can be viewed on the register at


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