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Employers are being reminded of the limitations that apply when employing young people over the school holidays.

While the Christmas holidays are the perfect time for teenagers to earn some money, employers looking for help over the busy period need to understand that restrictions apply when employing young people and that they need to comply with their obligations under the Children and Community Services Act 2004.

Only certain types of businesses can employ children less than 15 years of age in Western Australia.  Children aged 13 or 14 can work in shops and restaurants between 6am and 10pm, but only with a parent’s written permission.

A 2017 proactive compliance campaign run by Wageline found that 95 per cent of employers in the fast food industry were complying with their legal obligations regarding the employment of children.

Private Sector Labour Relations has in the past prosecuted employers for allowing children under 15 to work after 10pm, and for employing children under 13.

The special rules concerning the employment of children also extend to parents - parents of children under 15 years should be aware that their children can only work in certain businesses.  Parents should be aware that they can also be fined if they permit their children to work in contravention of the employment laws.

Further information on employment laws can be obtained on the Wageline website website at

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21 Dec 2018

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