Retail trading reforms begin this week

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Changes removing trading restrictions for petrol stations, Rottnest Island and short-term markets will come into effect this Wednesday (December 14), as part of the Liberal National Government's incremental reform of Western Australia's trading hours.

Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the changes to the Retail Trading Hours Act 1987 would simplify and modernise the law as well as reduce red tape for small businesses.

"While petrol stations could always open at any time, there were limitations on the types of goods that could be sold outside general retail shop trading hours," Mr Mischin said.

"There were three categories of petrol stations with different lists of goods they could sell at certain times.  The distinction between the types of filling stations has now been removed so that the type of goods that may be sold, now applies equally to all petrol stations making the rules simpler and fairer.  The list of goods able to be sold has also been updated.

"Other reforms that will come into effect include exempting Rottnest Island from the Act to allow shops on the resort island to trade at any time to better cater for the needs of tourists.

"The redundant special holiday resort provisions for Rockingham and Two Rocks (Wanneroo) will be removed as these areas are already aligned with general trading hours for the Perth metropolitan area.

"Another great step forward is removing the requirement for stallholders at short-term markets that are usually set up and dismantled in one day, from having to apply each time for a certificate to trade outside normal hours.  This reduces costly and time-consuming red tape for those businesses operating at farmers' and craft markets, as well as for government."

The Minister said since 2008, the Liberal National Government had introduced a series of incremental reforms to the State's trading hours aimed at providing greater choice and flexibility for consumers while creating a fairer, more competitive retail sector in Perth.

"If re-elected, in line with our incremental approach to reforms, the Government will immediately introduce Sunday morning trading from 9am to 5pm," he said.

"The practical effect of these overdue changes is that Western Australian consumers will have greater choice, and shops will open in line with other capital cities."

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12 Dec 2016

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