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Children heading to this year’s Perth Royal Show will have at least 258 safe showbags to choose from after Consumer Protection carried out its annual checks on toys and novelty items contained in the bags.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said product safety officers have inspected more than 1,500 individual items before declaring the showbags to be safe.

“Of the hundreds of toys and novelty goods looked at by our product safety officers, only one item has been removed from the Perth Royal showbags – a button-battery powered wrist watch with an unsecure battery compartment,” he said.

“The other issues identified were minor labelling problems in relation to a projectile toy and cosmetics, however we have been working with suppliers to fix the labels, so those items comply with Australian standards and can be included in the showbags.

“Thankfully no choking, strangulation or sharp edge hazards were identified.”

The pre-show product safety inspections are carried out every year at the invitation of the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia; something the Commissioner for Consumer Protection commends.

“The Perth Royal Show is a major event in the WA calendar, known for its fun and family-friendly atmosphere and the last thing anyone would want is for a child to be hurt by a product in their showbag.

“We thank the Royal Agricultural Society for asking us to inspect the showbags prior to them going on sale. I would also like to recognise suppliers who cooperated by giving us showbags in advance and helping to rectify any issues we found.

“Product safety inspections will also be conducted during the show and suppliers who sell unsafe goods risk heavy fines. Consumers who see anything dodgy on sale at the show should report it to Consumer Protection.”

The Commissioner reminded parents and carers to remain vigilant despite Consumer Protection’s marketplace surveillance.

“Items containing button batteries that can easily be accessed can cause serious injury or death if a small child swallows the button battery. Flashing or noise-making products meant for older children or adults can still get into the hands of toddlers.

“Anyone who has, or cares for, children of varying ages should also make sure kids under three can’t get hold of any toys meant for an older child. For example small detachable parts in an elder sibling’s toy or novelty item are a choking risk to a toddler.”

If you spot a product for sale that you believe is dangerous, whether at the Royal Show or at a shop in WA, report it to Consumer Protection for investigation by emailing or by calling 1300 30 40 54

Sign up for product safety alerts about recalls or bans by heading to the Product Safety Australia website:



The IGA Perth Royal Show runs from Saturday 23 September 2017 until Saturday 30 September 2017.


Tickets can be bought online from the official ticket seller ticketmaster until 22 September or IGA supermarkets until 30 September 2017.



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