Safety warning following child treadmill accident

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Consumer Protection is warning parents and carers of children to be aware of the dangers of treadmills in the home after a three year old girl from South Hedland suffered serious friction burns.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said the accident highlights the risks of children having access to exercise machines.

“Many children are seriously injured by friction burns each year and, in more severe cases, children have needed skin grafts and have permanently lost the normal use of their fingers and hands due to treadmill accidents.

“Consumers need to be cautious when using treadmills and other devices when there are children in the home. The best solution is to keep the treadmill in a separate room that can be closed off to children, or use barriers to keep children away. If not being used, treadmills should be unplugged from the power socket and any objects near the machine should be removed.

"Select a machine with protective covers and ensure it has a safety stop switch to stop it quickly. Take the safety key out and keep it on a hook away from the reach of children. Avoid using headphones/ear-pieces when using your treadmill if there are young children in the home so you are aware if they enter the room.

"It is mandatory for treadmills being sold by retailers to have warning labels advising users of the risks and providing safety information on how to prevent accidents. Inspections by Consumer Protection product safety officers in the past have shown a high level of compliance with the mandatory standard in WA."

More information on treadmill safety is available on the Product Safety website. Enquiries can be made with Consumer Protection by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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27 Mar 2017

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