Second warning about Jeep parts seller who fails to deliver (James Bartlett / JPA Offroad Group Pty Ltd)

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  • Consumers make payments but goods or services not supplied
  • Six consumers claim to be owed a total of almost $40,000
  • Trader has previously been prosecuted for failing to supply

A second warning has been issued to consumers regarding an online Jeep parts and accessories dealer and vehicle builder who takes payments but fails to deliver the goods or services ordered either by phone or via a website.

James Alan Bartlett, the manager of JPA Offroad Group Pty Ltd, accepted almost $40,000 from six consumers who have not received the goods or services within a reasonable time and some have not been provided with a refund.

The largest payment was made by a Harvey consumer who paid deposits amounting to $22,000 in February 2020 after getting a quote of about $34,000 to provide parts and rebuild a GMC Sierra Denali vehicle. No work has been carried out or parts supplied.

Other affected consumers claim to be owed individual amounts of between $220 to more than $5,000 after ordering rims, tyres and other parts and paying deposits up until January 2021 but the goods were never delivered.

James Bartlett is the former proprietor of the business Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia and the registrant of the website

Consumer Protection warned consumers about Mr Bartlett’s business practices in January 2017:

Consumer warning about Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia / James Bartlett

Consumer Protection subsequently prosecuted Mr Bartlett for similar issues in September 2019:

Jeep parts seller fined $16,000 for non-supply (Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australia / James Bartlett)

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe said it appears James Bartlett hasn’t changed his behaviour and warns WA consumers to be aware of his illegal business practices.

“It is a clear breach of the Australian Consumer Law to accept deposits or full payments from consumers but fail to supply the goods or services within a reasonable time,” Mr Newcombe said.

“Then to refuse to refund that money and make excuses for the non-delivery are unacceptable business practices.

“James Bartlett has a dubious track record with this type of behaviour that appears to be continuing despite a previous public warning being issued and prosecution action being taken.

“While the outstanding complaints remain unresolved, we would recommend that consumers seriously re-consider lodging orders with this company and be aware of the past issues and actions when deciding whether to do business with James Bartlett.”

Other consumers who have had unsatisfactory dealings with James Bartlett and JPA Offroad Group and have yet to lodge a complaint are urged to do so on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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10 Aug 2021

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