Small business fined $22,000 for underpayment of apprentice

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The owner-operators of a plumbing and gas fitting business in the Perth Hills have been fined $22,000 for underpaying their apprentice plumber over a period of two years.

The Industrial Magistrates Court found the couple had underpaid the apprentice, failed to pay him for all rostered days off and failed to pay him for untaken annual leave on termination of employment.

Industrial Magistrate Flynn ordered the business owners to pay the apprentice $6,514.75, and to pay a further $1,611.06 in interest and disbursements in addition to the $22,000 fine.

Private Sector Labour Relations Executive Director Lorraine Field said it was extremely concerning to see an employer underpaying an apprentice.

“The message to be taken from this decision is that employers in the state industrial relations system must comply with WA award provisions and minimum conditions of employment, as the financial consequences of failing to do so are simply not worth it.”

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10 Sep 2018

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