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On 15 May 2020 temporary state system COVID-19 JobKeeper provisions were introduced for private sector state system employers and employees who are participating in the Commonwealth JobKeeper scheme. These provisions were implemented by the COVID-19 JobKeeper General Order issued by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The COVID-19 JobKeeper General Order was originally due to expire on 28 September 2020. The operation of the General Order has now been extended until 28 March 2021.    

The state system JobKeeper provisions allow employers to give certain directions to employees and make certain requests of them, including provisions that allow employers to:

  • issue a ‘JobKeeper enabling direction’ to temporarily alter or reduce an employee’s working hours (which may be reduced to nil), change an employee’s duties and change their location of work; and

  • request that an employee change their days/times of work.

There are a range of specific rules and requirements about the state system JobKeeper provisions. The State system COVID-19 JobKeeper provisions page contains detailed information.

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22 Sep 2020

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