Stonemason taking money but not delivering services (Shawn Ragno / Shawn Ragno Stone Installations)

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Consumer Protection is concerned about a Butler stonemason who has accepted payment for work which has not been carried out.

Shawn Ragno, trading as Shawn Ragno Stone Installations and Shawn Ragno Masonry (both unregistered), has accepted a total of $8,353 in deposits from seven consumers for the installation of stone benchtops in 2017 but has only provided a refund to one customer. He may also be using the name of Ragno Family Trust.

It is an offence under the Australian Consumer Law to accept payment and fail to deliver goods or carry out services within a reasonable time.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said, while there are six known consumers still affected, it’s feared others may be owed money.

“Consumer Protection has attempted to resolve the six remaining complaints but, despite numerous promises to refund those consumers, the payments have not been received,” Mr Hillyard said.

“This is very frustrating for both the consumers involved and the Department, so we must now warn other consumers not to deal with this tradesperson until these matters are resolved.

“We must remind consumers not to pay too much upfront for goods or services. Only pay a minimal deposit of about ten per cent or, for larger jobs, negotiate progress payments as stages of the work are completed.

“It is also illegal for tradespeople to accept deposits of more than 6.5 per cent for building work valued at more than $7,500.”

Consumers who have had unsatisfactory dealings with Mr Ragno and his businesses are urged to lodge a complaint if they haven’t done so. Online complaints can be lodged on the Consumer Protection website Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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02 Nov 2017

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