Survey scam warning for Aqwest customers in Bunbury

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Consumer Protection is warning Aqwest customers in Bunbury about a potential phone scam.

There have been three reports from people who were phoned by a caller claiming to be Aqwest, offering a free water filter for taking part in the survey and asking for credit card details from the call recipient.

Aqwest says it does not offer inducements or ask for credit card details during phone surveys.

Aqwest has also advised Consumer Protection that although it has recently carried out phone surveys with 400 of its 17000 customers, the customers who reported scam calls were not part of that survey group. Thankfully those consumers did not hand over their credit card details.

If you receive a call from someone saying they are from Aqwest offering you something for free to entice you to take part in the survey it is NOT really Aqwest.

Aqwest would not ask for secure personal details such as credit card or bank account details as part of any phone survey.

Hang up on scam callers and report the matter to WA ScamNet at Consumer Protection: or 1300 30 40 54.

If you are in doubt about the authenticity of a caller claiming to be Aqwest, ask the caller for their name and job title and a number to call them back.

Then call Aqwest on 9780 9500 and they can confirm if it was truly them or a scammer.

To report South-West-specific scams you can contact the Consumer Protection office in Bunbury: 9722 2888.

Media contacts:

Consumer Protection - Debbie Butler, Regional Coordinator, South West Region. Phone: 9722 2888.

Aqwest - Monique Warnock. Phone: 9721 1907. 

Consumer Protection
26 Jun 2015

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