Time and wages record keeping templates

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Wageline has launched new versions of the popular record keeping templates for state system employers.

These six templates are designed to help small business employers meet their legal obligations for time and record keeping and keep accurate employee leave records.  A payslip template is also available for providing employees with details on their pay each pay period.

A common record keeping requirement that employers fail to meet is recording the right details in time and wages records, particularly hours worked and starting and finishing times for employees covered by WA awards. Details on employers’ record keeping requirements are available on the Record keeping requirements page.

The six templates, all available on the Record Keeping templates page, are:

  • Time and wage records template
  • Employment details template
  • Annual leave record template
  • Sick and carer’s leave record template
  • Long service leave template
  • Payslip template

Please call Wageline on 1300 655 266 if you have any queries about record keeping obligations. 

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07 Nov 2016

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