Wageline reaches 1.5 million website visits in 2017/18

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Wageline continues to be a valuable service for employers and employees in Western Australia. In the last financial year, Wageline had 1.5 million website visits, handled 16,000 calls and responded to nearly 1000 email enquiries from clients. 

Wageline has both state and national system clients, and helps national system employers and employees understand long service leave entitlements and the laws around when and where children under 15 years can work, as well as providing information on WA awards and employment laws for state system employers and employees. 

In 2017/18 Wageline continued to enhance the information given to our clients over the phone and online through the Wageline website.  The most visited web page was Public holidays in Western Australia.   This was followed by the long service leave page, the WA award summaries page and the minimum pay rates for award free employees page.  Long service leave and rates for pay were not only popular topics online but also in the contact centre, with 32 per cent of Wageline calls this year about long service leave and 28 per cent about rates of pay. 

Last year, Wageline helped state system clients from a variety of key industries with the most queries coming from construction, hospitality and retail.  The Wageline website provides WA award summary publications for the 35 most commonly used state awards, and the most downloaded WA award summaries in 2017/18 were the Building Trades (Construction) Award, the Restaurant, Tearoom and Catering Workers Award and the Shop and Warehouse (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) Award.

Educating employers on legal obligations for the employment of children under 15 in the fast food and takeaway food industry has been a major campaign for Wageline over the past year, and Wageline has provided employer information packs direct to several thousand employers in this industry in Perth and regional areas. 

Wageline has also been working hard this year to make it quick and easy for employers and employees to get information direct to their email inbox.  The Wageline Newsletter is a critical service Wageline uses to inform clients on employment news, such as WA award and minimum rates increasing, and new tools and information posted on the Wageline website. 

Please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266 or visit the Wageline website if you require assistance with your employment queries.

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16 Jul 2018

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