Warning: Roofing business ignoring door to door trading laws (Kennedy Roofing and Paving)

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WA consumers are being warned by Consumer Protection not to deal with a company that is ignoring door to door trading laws and has attracted numerous complaints and enquiries.

Kennedy Roofing and Paving, operated by Noel Anthony Kennedy, has been door-knocking homes in the Perth metropolitan area and the South West region offering to do roof and/or driveway restorations. Pamphlets promoting the business were also distributed to householders.

The complaints indicate that the company has failed to observe the ten day cooling off period for unsolicited sales or provide information on the consumer’s right to terminate the contract during the cooling off period, as required by the Australian Consumer Law. Kennedy Roofing and Paving has also accepted payment for work not completed within a reasonable time.

Consumer Protection has received nine formal complaints and 18 enquiries since November 2014 from consumers, many of whom have paid substantial amounts of money upfront. In one case, a Bunbury pensioner paid $15,000 cash to the company to carry out minor repairs on his home.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll said Kennedy Roofing and Paving has now become involved in a ‘travelling conmen’ investigation by the Department.

“Consumer Protection officers have not been able to track down the people behind the business. They have disconnected advertised phone numbers and have vacated their known addresses.” Ms Driscoll said.

“However, we believe they may still be operating, so we urge WA consumers not to do any business with this company until they have resolved the complaints which are currently outstanding and while investigations are continuing.

“We would also urge consumers to be aware of their right for a cooling off period when they receive an uninvited approach from a tradesperson. Even if you have invited a tradesperson to your home to only provide a quote, the cooling off period still applies.

“The cooling off period means that no money can change hands or any work be carried out for ten business days, in which time the consumer can cancel the contract without penalty.

“We recommend that consumers get more than one quote for work around the home and check the credentials of the business before signing any contracts or handing over any money. Ask for references, inspect previous work carried out and perhaps carry out an internet search to see if positive or negative comments arise.

“Travelling conmen are known to charge exorbitant rates for sub-standard work, if indeed any work is carried out at all. Consumers may also consider paying by credit card with the possibility of getting a chargeback if the work is not completed.”

Consumers who have had problems dealing with Kennedy Roofing and Paving should contact Consumer Protection by email: consumer@commerce.wa.gov.au or call 1300 30 40 54.


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