The Insurance and Risk Management section of this guide deals with insurance matters.  Sporting groups can obtain insurance specifically designed to cover sports injuries, liabilities and events.

 The following are examples of some insurance policies for sports groups:

  • Accident and injury insurance covers players and officials (eg a coach) for injuries that occur during officially sanctioned activities;
  • Public liability insurance provides insurance cover for the association for their legal liability to participants, members, spectators and the general public during events;
  • Professional indemnity provides cover for administrators, coaches and referees while performing official duties;
  • Directors and officials insurance provides cover for directors, officers of the association and management committee members who may be sued for negligence in the performance of their official duties.  People who are involved in the management of an association are responsible for implementing legislation and policy and may be exposed to legal actions arising out of matters relating to employment, safety and health, discrimination and the financial affairs of the association.  There is no cover for intentional acts of dishonesty;
  • Contingency insurance provides cover for prize money, the cancellation of events, adverse weather conditions and the non-appearance of people;
  • Special events insurance is obtainable for a particular event such as a tournament or festival;
  • Property insurance provides cover for items such as office and sports equipment and facilities; and
  • Voluntary workers insurance provides cover for volunteers working for the association.  For example, fundraising, organising activities and assisting at events.

Sporting groups are advised to consult a specialist sports insurance broker to obtain the most suitable sports cover for the group.

Although sports groups may have a basic insurance policy, participants, members and officials should be informed of the nature and extent of the insurance cover.  Participants in particular should be advised to have their own private health insurance.