Rights and responsibilities of incorporated associations

Volunteering Western Australia also sets out a list of rights of agencies (in this case, incorporated associations) engaging volunteers, which include the right to:

  • assess the volunteer's capabilities and allocate suitable tasks for them;
  • plan and facilitate volunteer training;
  • reassign volunteers to appropriate work;
  • supervise volunteers and give feedback; and
  • decline to use volunteers in certain capacities.
  • Similarly, a list of responsibilities of agencies/associations engaging volunteers includes the responsibility to:
  • empower volunteers to meet their own, as well as the association's, needs;
  • offer volunteers work opportunities that are appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations;
  • provide volunteers with clear duty statements;
  • provide volunteers with orientation training;
  • offer volunteers training and support to meet their goals;
  • implement procedures to ensure volunteer safety and well-being;
  • offer reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses; and
  • recognise the value of contributions made by volunteers.