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Consumer Protection has a dedicated Aboriginal Community Education Officer who works with Aboriginal communities to help protect their consumer rights. Common issues reported to us include getting repairs and refunds on goods purchased, repair and warranty issues with vehicles, quality of building, maintenance and other services provided and issues with landlords for those in private and public houses.

We work with all Aboriginal consumers, but especially those in remote areas who can be particularly vulnerable because of a lack of competition between local businesses and fewer consumer advocacy workers based nearby.

If you have any questions about your consumer rights or would like to discuss a matter affecting your family, please contact us by email or by calling 1300 304 054. 

WA programs

Ask Us is our Aboriginal consumer education program. Our objective is to provide relevant and appropriate education to Aboriginal consumers in WA.

We have adopted an Indigenous Consumers Education Plan, which determines our strategies in developing publications and education programs.

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Ask Us - publications

Consumer Protection has developed a number of publications for Indigenous consumers including:

Scam Prevention

WA ScamNet aim to increase awareness and help people avoid scams.  Four posters have been designed for download and printing specifically for Indigenous communities. 

Scam poster for Indigenous communitites
Scam poster for Indigenous communitites, by tvanderloo

SCAM posters

Download the set of four posters designed specifically for Indigenous communities to help avoid scams. 


We also showcase Indigenous consumer films on our Youtube playlist.

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