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The Rona Okely Award

The Rona Okely Award acknowledges an individual Western Australian who has influenced and inspired consumer protection in their community. They have given their time, energy and experience to help others and are a positive role model for those involved in the public and not for profit sectors. The award is recognition of a 'lifetime’ (10 years or more) of significant achievement, contribution and commitment to consumer protection. 

The Richard (Dick) Fletcher Award 

The Richard (Dick) Fletcher Award acknowledges a local government, non-government organisation or group of individuals that have made a significant contribution towards the advancement of consumer protection in Western Australia. They effectively deliver services, projects or initiatives that raise community awareness of consumer protection issues.

The Kidsafe WA Award

The Kidsafe WA Award acknowledges an individual, local government, non-government organisation, business or group of individuals operating in Western Australia that have made a significant contribution to the advancement of injury prevention for children in Western Australia.  They may have worked to raise awareness of specific product hazards, been involved in the design and development of new products, or have developed and delivered projects that raise community awareness of product safety.

The Ruby Hutchison Media Award

The Ruby Hutchison Media Award acknowledges the media’s significant contribution to increasing community understanding about consumer protection, including product safety, in Western Australia. This includes highlighting breaches of consumer laws, and alerting the community about consumer protection issues.


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