Car market operator

A car market is a market provided by a registered car market operator who does not own the secondhand vehicles which are displayed for sale. It is not an auction premises.

Vehicles displayed for sale at a car market cannot be owned by other licensed dealers.

Quite often, a car market will be used for other purposes (such as public parking) on non-normal trading days.

What you need to do to get a registration

To get a car market operator registration you must:

  • complete the application form;
  • pay the appropriate fee;
  • prove that you are over 18 years of age;
  • provide the business name/s you plan to use; and
  • ensure the company is registered (if applicable). Consumer Protection will check the ASIC register to confirm any registration at the time of application.

If you are thinking of becoming a car market operator and want more information, please contact our Licensing Branch on 1300 30 40 64.

Important notes

  • The Commissioner can attach conditions or restrictions to any registration.
  •  A Car Market Operator cannot hold any other licence as a dealer, yard manager or salesperson.


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