Consumer change of mind

Generally, a store does not have to give a refund or replacement if a customer simply changes their mind about a product.

Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), the customer is only entitled to choose a refund or replacement for a major problem with a product covered by consumer guarantees.

For example:

Georgina purchased a handbag as a gift for her daughter, but discovered the next day that her daughter had also purchased a similar handbag. She returned to the store, who told her that as there was nothing wrong with the handbag, they do not have to give her a refund, exchange or store credit.

In-store policies

Some stores have an in-store policy to offer a refund, exchange or credit note if a customer changes their mind. If so, this policy should be clearly displayed at the point of sale or included on the website, so customers can read it before buying.

It is okay for an in-store policy to have some limits, such as:

  • 'No change-of-mind refunds on sale items'
  • 'No change-of-mind refunds after seven days'.

However, the in-store policy cannot take away the customer’s rights under the ACL, for example No Refunds signs.

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