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Each year, participants must obtain six CPD points by completing selected activities. Consumer Protection reviews the needs of the industry annually and prescribes the core and elective CPD subjects for the coming year. Only Consumer Protection approved activities can attract CPD points. 

Training providers

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA (AICWA) was awarded the contract for the delivery of the CPD program.  Please contact the AICWA for their CPD schedule.


All participants attending a core activity will be given a feedback form at the end of the session. If you did not get a chance to complete the feedback form or would like to provide Consumer Protection with further feedback, please complete the feedback form and send it to us by:

  • Email; or
  • Post: Locked Bag 100, EAST PERTH WA 6892

Frequently asked questions

What are the current CPD activities?

All the current and some of the past core and elective activities are listed on the CPD activities page. 

What activities do Consumer Protection fund?

Core and prescribed elective CPD activities are paid for by Consumer Protection. However, the cost of attendance at any other approved elective activities is at the participant's expense.  Consumer Protection will not fund a participant to attend the same activity twice in the same year.

Are there CPD activities which must be completed (core activities)?

Yes. CPD activities are divided into two categories: core and elective.

Core activities are specified by Consumer Protection and address the latest industry compliance issues, legislative change and work practices.. You must complete at least two of the core activities each year.

Can I choose my activities?

Participants can choose the elective activities to make up the balance of the six CPD points.  They can choose topics with a specific relevance or interest to them or their business from a list of elective activities approved by Consumer Protection.  Alternatively, a participant may make up the outstanding points by attending another core activity.

What are suitable CPD activities?

Activities attracting CPD points include seminars, lectures, workshops and distance education courses. To qualify as a valid CPD activity, an activity must be approved by Consumer Protection. For this to occur it must have an educational outcome and be industry specific. If approved, the activity will be listed below on this page.

What are the approved professional development subjects?

The professional development subjects that CPD training must address are listed in the Settlement Agents Regulations 1982 (Schedule 1A). The list of subject areas is broad and endeavours to increase participants' industry knowledge and develop skills in relevant areas.

What is the certificate of attendance and do I need to keep it?

The certificate of attendance is evidence of your participation in the CPD program. Please keep it in a safe place as proof of your completion of the CPD activities. 

If I obtain a new license and triennial certificate during the calendar year, do I need to obtain six CPD points for that year?

If you are a new licensee who has had their triennial certificate granted for the first time between 1 October and 31 December of the calendar year, and you completed a prescribed examination for the grant of the licence in the 12 months immediately before the day on which the licence was granted, you are not required to participate in the CPD program during the year in which you are first granted a licence and triennial certificate.  You are required to commence the CPD program from 1 January the following year.

However, if you are a new licensee who has had their triennial certificate granted for the first time between 1 January and 30 September of the calendar year, you are required to obtain 6 CPD points for that calendar year.

Can I submit more than one course application at a time to Consumer Protection for approval?

Yes, however you must use a separate application form for each course.

Does CPD carried out in other States of Australia count towards my WA licence or registration?

Yes, but only if you meet the following criteria:
  • the agent was also registered/licensed in another Australian jurisdiction during the relevant period;
  • the agent undertook CPD to meet the statutory or professional membership requirements of that jurisdiction;
  • the content of the completed training is analogous with the aims and purposes of the Compulsory Professional Development programme in Western Australia; and
  • the training was completed within the three years preceding the request to recognise any alternative learning.

What activities do I need to do?

A full list of the approved core and elective activities are listed on the CPD activities page.

CPD acitivities page


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