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Consumer Protection will only grant an exemption in extenuating circumstances. Consumer Protection may exempt you from having to complete part or all of your CPD activities. Where you are granted a partial exemption, your required CPD points will be reduced proportionately. For example, if Consumer Protection granted a participant an exemption from the CPD program for six months, they would still need to obtain three CPD points in that year.

Consumer Protection may grant a partial or full exemption if a participant can demonstrate:

  • they were/will be abstaining from operating as a settlement agent for all or part of the CPD cycle due to serious illness, parental or extended leave owing to an exceptional circumstance; 
  • they are experiencing particular hardship or difficulty in completing the number of CPD points needed owing to geographical location or physical or mental disability; or
  • they did not hold a current triennial certificate for part of the year.

If you wish to be excused from part or all of your CPD requirements, you will need to apply to Consumer Protection in writing, setting out the reasons why you should be granted an exemption. Requests for exemption will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If a settlement agent obtains a licence through their legal practitioner's qualification they must still participate in the CPD program.


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