Features of the Parks Act

The Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Act 2006 provides for:

  • standard information to be made available to prospective tenants about the residential park tenancy prior to entering into an agreement;
  • a cooling-off period for site-only agreements;
  • standard information about the Parks Act and the agreements in an accessible way; and
  • information about a particular park that a prospective tenant may be thinking about entering.


The Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Act 2006 applies to people who:

  • are renting a home, such as a caravan or park home and a site on a park for three months or more;
  • are renting a site on a park for three months or more;
  • had a written, fixed term agreement that expired or was extended on or after 3 August 2007; and
  • had entered into an oral long-stay tenancy agreement before 3 August 2007.

The law does not apply to people who:

  • are on holiday for any length of time;
  • are employees of the park staying on the premises during the term of employment;
  • are in retirement villages (who are covered by the Retirement Villages Act 1992); or 
  • have written, fixed term agreements that have been entered into before 3 August 2007, until expiry.

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