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Are you planning to raise money:

  • to help someone in need in your community;
  • to assist in disaster relief efforts; or
  • for someone who needs urgent treatment for a medical condition?

Even if your appeal is going to be a one-off event or only for a short time, the requirements of the Charitable Collections Act 1946 will apply when this fundraising relates to a charitable purpose.

Applying for a charitable collections licence to conduct one-off fundraising might not be practical so it may be better to obtain authority from an existing licenced charity to collect under their licence. 

This will involve you researching to find an appropriate licence holder to contact. Think about whether you want to approach an organisation whose objects align specifically with the purpose you are collecting for or one with ‘general’ charitable objects such as a local service club.

As a starting point, have a look at the licensed charities register which provides an alphabetical list of all charitable organisations licensed in Western Australia.

If your fundraising will be ongoing you may wish to consider applying for a charitable collections licence. Further information is available in the Charitable collections – getting started information sheet.

Guidance Pack for Fundraisers (for licence holders)

To help support the community to legally raise charity funds, Consumer Protection has developed a guidance pack intended to make organising appeals quick and easy for both licence holders and fundraisers. The pack includes:

  • An application for authority form: intended to be used by the person or organisation wishing to collect under the authority of the licence holder;
  • An acknowledgment letter: confirms the licence holder has given authority for the applicant to collect under the licence and outlines the conditions of that authority; and
  • A financial reporting statement: to be returned at the conclusion of the fundraising activity so the licence holder may accurately record all income and expenditure in their financial accounts.

The pack is intended as a guide only and licence holders may customise the model application or develop their own documentation if they wish.


More information is available on the fundraising using an existing licence publication.

Please note

Please note it is an offence to collect money or goods from the public for charitable purposes without a charitable collections licence or the authority of an existing licence holder. If you are unable to obtain authority to fundraise under a charitable collections licence you should not proceed with your proposed collection or fundraising activity.



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