Inflatable air lounges

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Inflatable air lounges are a drowning risk if used on water.  

While some retailers selling this product may suggest they can be used on water, there may be a risk of unexpected deflation and we strongly recommend they are only used on dry land.

These lounges should not be used on any water body (pools, beach, river, etc). There have been two reported incidents in Victoria and New South Wales where the lining has split and users became entangled in the material and almost drowned.

The lounges are made out of a fabric tube, sometimes with an internal plastic liner, which is inflated to form a lounge or bed. Generally the air lounges need to be re-inflated every two to six hours depending on quality and age of the product. The lounges may also be marketed as air sofas or inflatable furniture under a range of brand names, and are often sold on-line and from overseas suppliers.

Product safety regulators throughout Australia are working with with relevant suppliers, international product safety regulators and others to help clarify instructions for use on the packaging and in advertising.

People are advised to take steps to remove inflatable air lounges from locations in or around water including pools and to ensure they are not used by children as a flotation device.

While there have been no incidents or complaints about the safety of these products reported in WA, the recent near drowning incidents in the eastern states have raised our concern.

WA consumers who may have been involved in an incident regarding this product should contact Consumer Protection by email or by calling 1300 304 054.

Air lounger
Air lounger, by ahynd
Do not use air lounges on water, they pose a serious drowning risk.



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