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Download iShopWA

Information about your consumer rights is at your fingertips with iShopWA, available from Google Play or the App Store.

iShopWA has been developed for shoppers in Western Australia by Consumer Protection, with content based on the Australian Consumer Law which applies throughout Australia. This App is also a handy guide for retailers, outlining when they must repair, replace or refund goods.

Download iShopWA and you’ll always be able to check where you stand when it comes to refunds and returns, warranties and lay-bys in WA.

What does iShopWA allow me to do

The iShopWA app will allow you to:

  • store photos of receipts and not worry about them fading or getting lost;
  • email photos of illegal ‘no refund’ shop signs to Consumer Protection so that we can deal with it;
  • set reminders for gift vouchers and online coupons so they don’t run out before you can use them.
  • know where you stand when it comes to warranties and lay-bys, and set reminders for them.

Report a sign

Signs like these are against the law:

  • "No refund”;
  • No refund on sales items;
  • No refunds after seven days;
  • Refunds on unworn items only; and
  • We will only exchange, repair or give credit notes.

You can report signs like these by taking a photo and sending them to us using your iShopWA App.

Please note a store can display a sign that says “no refunds will be given if you have simply changed your mind".

Feedback and Enquiries

If you have any questions or feedback about the iShopWA app, please contact Consumer Protection at or call 1300 304 054

Available in the App Store
Available in the App Store, by Apple


Available for iOS

Available in the Play Store
Available in the Play Store, by Google

Available for Android


iShopWA app logo
iShopWA app logo, by Consumer Protection


Information about your consumer rights at your fingertips with iShopWA. Available from: Google Play or the App Store.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. The App refers to a menu button. My Android doesn’t have a menu button.

Android Menu buttons are different for each device. The menu icon is generally the 3 dots.

android 3 dots
android 3 dots, by Consumer Protection

You can do an online search for the menu button for your particular device to find out more.

Here are some examples of what the menu button may look like or where it may be located on your device.

Android menu icon
Android menu icon, by Consumer Protection
Android phone base
Android phone base, by Consumer Protection
Android menu
Android menu, by Consumer Protection

2. iShopWA crashes when saving a photo on my iPhone

This issue has been fixed. Please download the latest version of iShopWA from Google Play or the App Store.

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