Licensing of Strata Managers in Western Australia consultation 2012

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Status: Closed 29 February 2012

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Strata title is an increasingly popular form of ownership within the property market, currently accounting for over one-third of all forms of titles registered in Western Australia. Some strata owners self-manage while others employ the services of professional strata managers. Owing to the increased volume of properties being registered as strata title and the accompanying increase in the amount of strata funds held by strata managers, there have been some calls in recent years to license strata managers.

To facilitate discussion on this matter and to establish whether licensing or other form of regulation of strata managers is warranted, Consumer Protection has prepared a consultation RIS and discussion paper. This paper canvasses three options.

  1. Licensing strata managers under the National Occupational Licensing Scheme.
  2. Regulating the conduct of strata managers without licensing.
  3. Maintaining the status quo.

(For more information see the National licensing (NOLs) in Western Australia review).

How to have your say

Comments and submissions are invited on the proposals outlined in this Consultation RIS and Discussion Paper. 

Over the past decade, two Parliamentary inquiries and an independent review have been undertaken in relation to the regulation of strata managers in Western Australia. The reports of these inquiries and the review are below:


Telephone inquiries should be directed to 1300 304 054.

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