Past CPD modules - real estate

CPD modules from the past three years are available online to help you meet your requirements under the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978. 

There is a new topic each year.  These topics are selected to assist licensees and registrants to update their knowledge of industry developments, legislative changes and work practices. 

What you will need to do

You will be required to:

  • Read any relevant manuals 
  • Watch any relevant videos
  • Complete an online assessment (see assessments below)

Please note, you are encouraged to complete the activities in the workbook, however they are not part of the assessment.  

Course materials and assessments

  • Mandatory Modules from 2019 you will need to have access to Learnbook, our online learning system.
  • Mandatory Modules from 2020 and 2021, you will need to contact one of the training providers approved to deliver mandatory courses. A list of providers can be found from the ‘Training providers’ drop-down menu on the mandatory real estate CPD page.
  • To complete elective catch-up activities, please select the ‘Approved elective activities and training providers list’ drop-down menu from the elective real estate CPD page.

Please note: Elective CPD activities are not year specific. Therefore, catch-up points remain in the year of completion. They however may be taken into consideration for the shortfall from previous years.


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