Project Sunbird

The WA Police Major Fraud Squad works closely with Consumer Protection to identify and prevent consumer fraud in Western Australia under the banner Project Sunbird.

WA ScamNet website continually updates information about Project Sunbird and provides general advice to help you identify and avoid scams and fraud.

Through joint operations between Consumer Protection and the WA Police Major Fraud Squad we know that between 2011 and 2013 organised criminals defrauded Western Australians out of at least $11 million. The WA Police have identified hundreds  of individuals repeatedly sending money overseas and most of these people have been found to be victims of fraud.

Many of these are romance or relationship frauds. These frauds often appear to be intimate relationships with phone calls, emails and even gifts exchanged over long periods of time. If you or someone you know has begun an online relationship with a person overseas and that person requests money for whatever purpose, it will likely be a fraud. 

If you have received a letter from Project Sunbird or you can identify with the situations described we urge you to stop sending money now and contact our investigators.


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