Property industry codes of conduct review 2013

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Status: Closed 28 June 2013

This review provides the opportunity to look at the overall usefulness of the codes of conduct in providing clarity for industry participants on performance of agency work and consumer protection. It also provides the opportunity to modernise and restructure them. In doing so, the review will take into account consistency with the Australian Consumer Law, red tape reduction, and principles of best practice regulation.

The intent is to make the codes of conduct more relevant and appropriate to the current property market but not overly prescriptive.

The department is in the process of reviewing the submissions to determine how the codes of conduct could be amended to increase industry understanding and compliance, while reducing the regulatory burden. 


Responses to the 2013 discussion paper are now available on the submissions page.

We are currently reviewing the submissions with a view to developing proposed changes to the code. 

Discussion paper

This document provides information for discussion on the property industry codes of conduct (May 2013).  The consultation phase is now closed. 

Property industry codes of conduct discussion paper May 2013.

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