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Charitable collections licences are issued for a period of three years and can be renewed after that time for another three year period. All applications to renew a licence are referred to the Charitable Collections Advisory Committee for consideration.

To renew a licence an Application to renew a charitable collections licence must be completed.

The Department will post an Application to renew a charitable collections licence to the most recent contact address for the organisation approximately three months before the expiry date. If your address has changed, or you have not received your application to renew, a copy of the renewal form can be downloaded from our website.

The Charitable Collections Advisory Committee meets once per month. The application to renew and any supporting documents must be received by this office at least six weeks before the licence expiry date to ensure it can be referred to the Committee before the expiry date.  If your organisations charitable collections licence expires you may not make any further charitable collections until such time as the renewal has been processed.

A Principal Executive Officer declaration form must be completed for each of the Principal Executive Officers (PEO) named on the Application to Renew.

A National Police Certificate (no older than six months old) is required for all new PEO’s. A National Police Certificate is not required for any continuing PEO’s that have previously provided an NPC to this office.

If the organisation does not wish to renew their charitable collections licence due to winding up or ceasing collection activities in Western Australia please email the Charitable Collections Advisory Committee at The email should include the organisation's name and confirmation that the charitable collection of money or goods is no longer being conducted in Western Australia.

Audited financial statements must be lodged within six months of the end of the current financial year even if the licence is not renewed.

Lodging a form or application

You may lodge forms by email (preferred), post or in person.

The charities forms and publications page has additional details on:

  • how to lodge a form
  • how to contact us
  • adititonal forms and publications for charities

Contact us

For further information contact the Associations and Charities Branch:

Telephone: (08) 6552 9364
Country callers: 1300 304 074



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